We work with you

to a build quality, affordable software. We start with a whiteboard session and then work with you to develop a beautiful, custom business solution.

Phase One:
Discovering your needs

First, we talk about your needs and how your new software will help streamline your business. We work to understand exactly how your processes work.

Creating a model

Good software solutions start with a model, so with your help we develop a prototype. We want to ensure your new software meets your needs exactly.

Phase Two:
Model design

Now we have a working model but need to refine it. We want all the parts of your company to harmonise, so your business can really hum.

Testing time

Next we test your new custom solution to see how well it serves your business process needs. We want to ensure those who use it love doing so.

Phase Three:
Users' feedback

Your new software is now ready for a real test: let’s see how users like it. User testing helps iron out any issues early on.

Listening to customers

Next, we look at your users and customers’ feedback, and use it to fine-tune your model software until it serves your process needs perfectly.

Phase Four:
Going live

Your solution goes live and we see how well it works in the real world. We want it to streamline your business so it better serves your customers’ needs.

Tweaking for perfection

Even the best software needs some tweaking to ensure it works as well as it possibly can. We stay with you to ensure your does so, and make any changes necessary.